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Winter Boots for Plus-Size Women

Ain’t no outfit like a winter outfit cause the booted looks don’t stop!


Winter Boots for Plus-Size Women

plus-size women in boots Bplus-size women in boots Cplus-size women in boots


Ladies, boot season is back and better than ever. Don’t just take your old kicks out of storage this winter season; Check out these plus-size shopping tips and add some new designs to your booted portfolio.


 Shopping Tips for Winter Plus-Size Boots


  • When it comes to boot shopping as a plus-size woman, width matters! Make sure to shop plus-size wide calf boots this season to avoid broken zippers and sore legs.
    • Measure your calf at its widest point to ensure the perfect fit and give yourself some extra space to tuck in your favorite skinny jeans.
    • What’s your calf category? (go here for a more detailed fit guide)
      • Wide calf= 16′ to 18 1/4″
      • Extra wide calf= 17 1/2- 20″
      • Super wide calf= 18 to 21″
  • Choose boots with lift. Whether you prefer skinny heels, chunky heels, or wedges, the added height helps elongate the body and results in a slimmer, leggier look
  • Make sure the boots match the bottoms. Your skirt, dress, tights, or pants shouldn’t be more than a few shades off from your shoes. This creates a fluid, lengthening, and slimming effect. Dramatic color contrast creates lines that cut us off in the wrong places and interrupt our outfit flow.
  • Don’t cheap out on everyday boots. Footwear is used and abused more than the average clothing item so it is important to be quality-conscious.
  • Avoid overly decorated boots. Too many zippers, buckles, and/or straps can look cheap and distracting. Refined edge is better than overdone funk!
  • Lastly, don’t forget to shop faux wide calf boots to save your wallets and animal friends this season!!


Plus-Size Winter Riding Boots

plus-size riding boots Cplus-size riding boots Bplus-size riding boot

You don’t have to hop off a horse to rock a pair of leather riding boots, because the equestrian look is in and stepping outside barns everywhere. Here are some trends and tips to get you on the booted saddle this winter season…

  • While high heels and riding boots aren’t the best combination, you can still shop for plus-size riding boots with lift. Try a short and chunky heel like the one on the black leather boots featured above. Get all the benefits of added height without compromising your casual barn girl look.
  • Not all riders are prim and proper. Try distressed leather like the light brown Charlotte Russe boots to add a little cowgirl flare.
  • Buckles, two-tone patterns, and laces are some ways you can personalize your riding boots for the horse-back riding fashionista in you

Plus-Size Winter Over the Knee Boots

plus-size over the knee Aplus-size over the knee Dplus-size over the knee boot B

As a plus-size woman, I have shied away from over the knee boots in the past. I thought they made me look shorter, stalkier, and thicker. Today, it would take the world’s most impressive flash mob to distract me from buying a good pair of plus-size over the knee boots. Here are a few trends and shopping tips I hope convince you ladies to embrace, not disgrace, this high booted style.

  • If you choose to wear your knee high boots with a skirt or dress, make sure there is exposed skin or tights between the top of your boots and the bottom of your skirt/dress. You don’t want to give an all boot, no leg impression.
  • Cover your knees with some suede this winter. Suede is one of this seasons most popular footwear fabrics, and it happens to looks great in the over the knee design. Go flat, heeled or colored to persuade your suede to fit your look or day.
  • Over the knee stretch boots are a great option for plus-size women. Not only do they eliminate potential ill-fitting calf issues, they are also light-weight and stylish. I find the tight fit makes my legs look longer, skinnier, and sexier! Check out the United Nude Black Boots above to wet your stretchy boot appetite.

Plus-Size Winter Ankle Boots and Booties

plus-size wedge ankle boot Aplus-size ankle boots Bplus-size combat ankle boot

This is my personal favorite winter footwear look. I have more booties and ankle boots than my closet knows what to do with. All irreplaceable, of course. Here are some current trends and lasting tips I have picked up along the way…

  • The shorter the boot, the higher the heel. Please note that I am extremely clumsy and uncoordinated, so my version of a “high” heel isn’t exactly liberal. Anything 3 inches or taller is considered high in my book. With that being said, I tend to be more heel-conscious when choosing short boots. The added height counter-balances the potential for ankle boots to shorten the appearance of my legs.
  • Try to stay away from wearing your plus-size booties or ankle boots with skirts or dresses. Unless you are planning on adding a thick tight or legging, this look can be unfashionable and unflattering, particularly for curvy women. Don’t do your body a disservice by shrinking your leggy look with poor item combinations. Make your short boots work for you by trying them on with those sexy black skinny jeans.
  • Combat boots are in this winter and rocking the bootie category. This style can look busy and overdone, especially when it extends to the knee, which is why combat has found its place hugging the ankles of women everywhere. I tend to stick with simple buckles, laces and/or studs when rocking my military footwear. The Troy Lace-Up Combat Boots above are a great example of the simple combat look I go for.
  • Winter wedges are here, and shorter than before. Nothing illustrates your fashion forwardness this season like modeling a new pair of plus-size wedged ankle boots. Try wedges that use the same color and fabric for both the shoe and the heel for a consistent, flawless look.


So ladies, I hope this booted blog post helps keep your feet warm and fashionable this winter season. Check out some of the shopping links below and use your new boot-centric knowledge to buy a fabulous pair of boots for your weekend date!

Wide Width Boots & Booties for Women at Torrid

OneStopPlus for Plus-Size Wide Calf Boots 

Women’s Plus-Size boots at SimplyBe

Shop Avenue for Plus-Size Boots

Plus-Size Boots at Macy*s 

Shop Nordstrom for Wide Calf Boots 

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