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Plus-Size Workout Gear

Despite popular mis-conception, plus-size girls workout too!

Plus-Size Workout Clothing

plus-size women working out

When it comes to working out, I too often check my fashionista ways at the gym door. Join me on my mission to retire my oversized t-shirts and shorts for more stylish athletic hires.

Plus-Size Workout Gear Fit and Shopping Tips

plus-size workout tops

Looking like a slob isn’t improving my already questionable exercise ethic, so maybe updating my workout wardrobe is a good start. Here are some trends and tips I have been using on my fitness fabulous mission….

  • Don’t hide behind oversized workout gear! Having enough extra space in my clothing to be able to fit another human being makes me look significantly bigger and less put together than I really am. Show off your curves with fitted pieces, even at the gym. It’s possible to achieve a comfortable, loose AND fitted look.
  • Choose light-weight, breathable fabrics for workout tops to optimize comfort and avoid bulk.
  • When it comes to stretchy workout pants, avoid too-thin fabrics. They can be unforgiving and wont last as long as their thicker counter-parts. Sturdier stretch fabrics help lift my butts and keep everything in place.
  • Search for curve-conscious seaming on your plus-size workout gear. Visible seams that move with my curves help outline my shape in the most flattering way.

Plus-Size Yoga Pants

plus-size yoga pants Bplus-size yoga pants Cplus-size yoga pants A

Yoga pants are the gift that keeps giving to plus-size women, even if downward dog isn’t your cup of zen tea. These flexible, form fitting pants are so comfortable and flattering, I sometimes (okay fine, a lot of times) wear them outside the gym. Check out my personal plus-size yoga pant tips below…

  • High-waisted is the only way to go. Yoga pants with a high waist or control top keep my tummy tucked in and secure.
  • Play with the length and fit. You can go straight legged, flared, ankle length etc. Pick what works best for you style and workout routine.
  • Take advantage of the casual gym environment by wearing bright colored yoga pants or pants with a color pop or pattern. I happen to love the Purple Zella Sonic’ Space Dye Leggings above as a fun, vibrant option.

Plus-Size Workout Tops

plus-size workout top Aplus-size workout top Cplus-size workout top B

Finding a plus-size workout top I feel comfortable and confident in is more taxing than the workout itself. I hope these tips for tops make your workout shopping and dressing a bit more tolerable…

  • You don’t have to kiss workout tee’s goodbye, if you do it right. Take the White Zella Tee  above, for example. A fitted, rouged tee can be flattering and stylish without sacrificing comfort.
  • Roomy but fitted scooped neck workout tanks are great for plus-size gym rats. This option gives you breathability, comfort, and style. My current favorite workout tank is the Zella Double-Scoop Ocean Solid Tank 
  • Workout tops that are tight around the chest and loose around the hips and tummy are very plus-size friendly. They keeps the girls in place without distributing unwanted tightness around my problem areas. Check out the Lola Empire Waist Workout Tank above for a great two-toned example!

Plus-Size Workout Jackets

plus-size workout jacket Bplus-side workout jacketplus-size workout jacket

When staying warm becomes a workout worry, I always choose a jacket over a long-sleeve top option. Long-sleeves are too much of a commitment. I warm up quickly, and I can easily slip off a jacket or tie it around my waist when my blood gets pumping. Here are some must knows for plus-size workout jacket shopping…

  • Choose jackets with moisture-wicking technology. You want your jackets to be able to weather the storm and your sweat.
  • Stretchy/spandex materials are great for activewear. Not only are spandex based jackets flattering, but they are also light-weight and bulk free.
  • Mesh vents are an awesome feature to keep you from overheating under your workout coat
  • I’m not sure what active or fashionable contribution these have, but workout jackets with thumbholes (like the Blue Zella Prism Jacket above) are the best! This sleeve design is also great for colder weather runs or walks outside.


I hope after reading this blog post your next trip to the gym is more comfortable and fashionable than ever! Rock your new active look to shed some unwanted pounds before your next date! Check out some online shopping links I found useful below…

Plus-Size Activewear at Nordstroms 

Shop Macy*s for Plus-Size Workout Wear

Polyvore Plus-Size Activewear

Workout Gear for Plus-Size Women at OneStopPlus

Shop Kohl’s for Plus-Size Workout Gear 

 Plus-Size Workout Clothing at Old Navy





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